You deserve to party the night away with confidence. That’s why we worked alongside women to craft a drink cover with an extra-special edge.

Drink Safer Drink Cover Scrunchie

Waking up with a sore head, hangxiety and little recollection of the previous evening’s events can put a dampener on even the most fun night out.

We launched our Drink Safer Scrunchies in response to a growing epidemic of drink spiking on the UK nightlife scene. Spiking is often swift and sophisticated, with perpetrators skilled at finding just the right moment. Unfortunately, simply keeping a close eye on your drink might not always be enough.

Our Drink Safer Scrunchies feature a slick hidden pocket containing a sturdy and stylish anti-spiking cover. With a range of colours soon to be available, your scrunchie of choice will add glamour to your ponytail, braid or bun whilst the matching drink cover protects your beverage.

It shouldn’t be necessary for women to protect themselves on a night out at all, so our drink cover scrunchies will always be affordable. Browse the collection and purchase your Drink Safer Scrunchie today for greater peace of mind on your next girls’ night out.

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